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Customized makeup Lessons

These lessons are fabulous for anyone of any age. This is your chance to pamper yourself and not only learn some new techniques, but to ask questions and leave your personal lesson with more confidence in the new skills you’ve just learned. I can’t wait to share the power of personalized beauty with you!


Fresh Faced Beauty

Fresh “no makeup” makeup looks aren’t just for the models in those magazines you see everywhere. In this lesson we will go over how to embrace your natural beauty and how to enhance it without looking like we even had to do much. Do you have freckles you love but don’t know exactly how to work with them? You will after this lesson. I want to show you how beautiful each nuance of your skin can be and this is the lesson just for that!

Lesson Price: $145usd/90minute Appointment


Glowing Goddesses

Gorgeous glowing skin for any age! If you think this option is only for the ladies in their 20’s, we’re about to change that! I want to show you that you don’t have to be “young” to look and feel it. This lesson will teach you how to have that dewy glow in your day to day makeup routine that you’ve been looking for. We’ll go over things like how to hydrate your skin for the best customized result for you, how to get that glow, what products to use where, and more.

Lesson Price: $145usd/90minute appointment

Quick and Lovely

Sometimes we don’t feel like spending a lot of time on our makeup in the morning, or maybe we just don’t have the time. In this lesson we’ll go over how to get that refined and “just a little more put together” look for those times that you really just don’t have the time! Do you want to have a short routine that will only take you about 10 minutes? This is the lesson for you.

Lesson Price: $145usd/90minute appointment

The Party Night Please

Who doesn’t want to feel like a million bucks for that special occasion? This lesson is all about getting glammed up for that party or special night out. We’re going to show you how to bring some drama to those beautiful features of yours and how to pair the rest of your makeup with your favorite focal point.

Lesson Price: $145usd/90minute appointment


Lessons take place at my studio, located in Washington PA. Special personalized rates are available to have your makeup lesson on location. Group rates also available!

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