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LimeLight MAKEUP

Since 1950, Alcone Company has been supplying professional makeup artists with the best beauty products from around the world. Now they are bringing their exceptional makeup and skin care to everyday women and men through our new brand, Limelight by Alcone. That means now you can purchase the some of the same makeup I use in my kit!


Use what Pros use

"We're creating something different, something important, and something we can be proud of in offering better performing makeup and safe skin care at affordable prices so everyone, young and old, can be amazing every day!

Really the best

Since 1950, professional makeup artists and their clients have shopped our New York City retail store and warehouse for the best makeup from around the world. Over time certain products consistently stood out as the best, receiving rave reviews from our customers, bloggers, and the press – these are the products we’ve included in the LimeLight cosmetic line.


Our Planet

Our family is very concerned about how our brand impacts the environment. We design packaging that will not only be beautiful but thinks about long-term impact. That is why, when possible, our packaging replaces plastic with biodegradable paper-based options, uses recycled paper material, and is customizable, leading to less consumer waste down the road. We are advocates of the creatures that share this planet with us and have never tested our products on animals and will continue that guarantee along with our manufacturers as we grow our line. In 2014, LimeLight was proudly endorsed by The Leaping Bunny organization for our commitment to end animal testing and cruelty in the beauty industry.

A little bit about Alcone

Alcone Company started in 1950 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlettes. Today, Alcone is still family-owned and is known by makeup artists and celebrities around the world as the place to get hard-to-find cosmetic gems at great prices. Alcone is not just great products, we are decades of information by tens of thousands of working, professional makeup artists. We have combined everything we know about beauty and the formulas that really perform and created this line. So what makeup do we offer in the palettes? The best that we sell, which is saying a great deal since we sell over 10,000 items and are very picky about the brands we bring in. As for skin care, our line meets our most discerning makeup artists requirements— effective, works on sensitive skin, available at a great price, and of course, plays well with makeup!

Quality as a core value

Quality is one of our greatest distinctions as a company. We are renowned beauty experts that built a direct-selling model while most of our competitors were direct-sellers who built a beauty brand. As a result there is a big difference in the performance and quality of our products. But most importantly, we value quality because our family name and the business we have grown over the last 3 decades is behind this line. It is not just another beauty line, it is what we actually use, love, and know is better than everything else out there. When a woman buys our products we want her to feel that they are worth every one of her hard-earned dollars.


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